Bored This Thursday Night?

Sign up for the Spirit Side of Life a workshop at the Institute for Spiritual Development from 6:30-9pm. Spirits, ghosts? Afterlife? Mediumship? Psychic Mediums, Diana Friedell & Ghostbuster Tina Breslau share some of their experiences with Spirit presences, and correct some of the common misperceptions- Covering: ghosts & earthbound spirits, assisting spirits on their transition into the afterlife, spiritual protection, exercises to expand our mediumship skills and connecting to helpful spirit guides.

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Institute for Spiritual Development is located at 41-45 Dietz Street, Oneonta, NY 13820

You don’t have to be bored!!! Love a good board game??? Check out Serenity Hobbies!!!

Every Thursday at 6pm: Board Game Night! All skill levels welcome

You can mark your calendar for Friday too!

Every Friday:

5pm: Intro to Magic: the Gathering! A Free Introductory Session of Magic: the Gathering

Get A Free Deck and Learn to Play M:tG with Nate Roberts

6pm: Friday Night Magic!


Serenity Hobbies is located at 152-154 Main St. Oneonta, New York 13820 Get Directions

Looking for more information? Give them a call at (607) 376-7276