Member Spotlight - Green Earth

By: Jodi Ho


      Where do you see yourself at Oneonta in the future years? How do you see the future development of the community in Oneonta? Perhaps you have gotten some ideas or you have not yet thought that far at this moment. It’s okay! We’ve got you! Since 2008, Green Earth has foreseen the importance of sustainability and been promoting and educating the community.

     After purchasing the business in 2008, Emily and Dean Roberts expanded the store while learning about organic food and diet. In recent years, the in-laws, Rachael and Michael Shaughnessy have started to get involved in this family-owned business. Their mission is to bring forth excellent customer service, a knowledgeable staff, healthy organic food and education to our community. While referring back to the past, Rachael thinks that her father-in-law was one of the biggest motivations to develop the business. She explained how the lifestyle of her father-in-law used to be in the past and then one day he decided to make a change for a better and healthier life. He then became an advocate of making lifestyle changes.

     Green Earth has been providing a great variety of organic food and unique eco-friendly products. Compared to those big corporations in the same field, Green Earth, as a local family owned store, may have a less competitive advantage on pricing. However, it does not stop Green Earth from moving forward. In the near future, by joining the Independent National Food Retailer Association (INFRA), Green Earth will be able to offer competitive prices to the customers.

     Besides advocating a healthy diet, Green Earth values education and aims to expand on that. Rachael and her family think that education is essential to the sustainability of the community. Therefore, they cooperate with Destination Oneonta and many other organizations, and open its space to the community for local meetings, educational and wellness classes, in order to educate the community and raise awareness of the surroundings and the earth. “That’s what I want people to be aware of. Think and be mindful of everything around you.” Rachael affirmed.

That’s what I want people to be aware of. Think and be mindful of everything around you.
— Rachel Shaughnessy

     In the future, Green Earth sees Oneonta as a sustainable community.  Together people would put the preservation of the environment first; by tracking their carbon footprint, consuming natural products, and promoting the community to the next generation. Green Earth is here for our future.

What does Oneonta mean to you?

Community. Family.
— Rachael Shaughnessy
Destination Oneonta